Superworms for bearded dragons

Sunshine State Superworms For Bearded Dragons

Are you familiar with superworms? We’ll fill you in by also offering information on which animals most gain from having them as a part of their diet, the proper way to feed superworms to your bearded dragon and their storage.

The bearded dragon has gradually become a common and beloved pet in many households. They are omnivorous reptiles and can have a rather long lifespan if cared for properly. We’ll give you a closer look at these amusing critters and how superworms can be a beneficial and healthy snack for them.

How Superworms Benefit Bearded Dragons

Superworms are larvae much like mealworms, but with a few differences, mainly size. However, a bigger size doesn’t necessarily mean more protein, but the mix of nutrients in superworms makes them a perfect treat for the bearded dragon.

They contain protein, fat, and carbohydrates, all important food groups for this scaly critter. Superworms are larger than mealworms and contain more calcium and fiber. You can have simple access to them as they are easy to store and keep alive.

Superworms do require moisture to thrive, which adds to their nutrition for the bearded dragon. Being easy to store, they can conveniently last longer as long as you are not overfeeding your dragon. The superworm will quickly become a favorite snack for your bearded dragon.

The bearded dragon can eat several superworms at once, but it is recommended that they get just a couple each week due to their high-fat content. Other nutrients in the superworm include protein, fiber, and calcium, but it’s the content of fat that makes it such a tasty treat for the bearded dragon.

Safely Feeding your Bearded Dragon

On top of being larger in size, superworms also differ from mealworms in that they can sting and bite their predators. However, bearded dragons can be territorial, so they will learn to take the superworm by the head to avoid any stings or bites.

Once you are ready to feed your dragon, just put the superworm in the dragon’s habitat with their normal feed. Remember, the bearded dragon is an omnivore, so the superworm can be mixed in with a mix of greens or other vegetables. Watch this amusing creature enjoy their nutritious morsel.

Superworm Safely Storage

Make sure you are storing your superworms in a dry and warm spot, but with enough moisture to keep them alive and fresh.

Sunshine State Superworms for bearded dragons

Hopefully knowing more about superworms and how they can benefit your bearded dragon will make feeding this reptile friend a more enjoyable and somewhat amusing practice. Now that you know the benefits of superworms you can easily access this reasonably affordable snack. Order online from Sunshine State Worms today!

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