Sunshine State Worms started with only one goal; to help people provide their pets with delicious and healthy food and we are still committed to our goal. This is the reason that after many years, we are still the trailblazer in the industry with a massive happy customer base. Not only we have the most affordable superworms for sale but our worms are filled with vital nutrients that are essential for the growth of your pets.

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FARM FRESH Quality Superworms



Great source of protein and fat for pet reptiles, birds and small animals.


Perfect for mature reptiles with high nutritional value in protein, & fat.


We offer dry and odorless castings for all your gardens and plant needs.

Sunshine State Worms Has the Most Organic Superworms for Sale

Now that you know the core benefits of Superworms and why live worms are more beneficial for your pets, you should know that we have the most organically grown Superworms for sale at Sunshine State Worms. Here are the benefits of getting our worms:

  • Naturally Grown: We provide our worms with natural environment for their optimal growth. Furthermore, their diet is strictly based on greens such as leaves and vegetables.
  • Fast and Careful Shipping: Not only we work with the leading shipping agents but we also carefully pack the worms so that you get them in a matter of days while they are still healthy and alive.
  • Unparalleled Prices: Since we have been in the industry for several years, we are well-equipped with large breeding and growing facilities that allow us to make Superworms more accessible and affordable.

If you want to give us a try, just place an order here and our agents will start working on shipping the Superworms to you right away.


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Fast Shipping

Sunshine State Worms online cart system allows the shipping method of all our products to be on the same day, based on first come first serve.

Product Quality

Our farm produces quality products due to the food source we select to feed our worms and insects, reflecting on their content value & size proportion.

Budget Friendly

Selected items include FREE shipping and other products will get discounted prices based on quantity and purchase order frequency.

Feeder Farm

Our facilities are designed to produce the highest quality feeder product as well as participating in the best practices to create less waste and conserve energy.


Bigger and More Nutritious Superworms for Sale

One of our star products is the meticulously home grown Superworms that help in healthy upbringing of your beloved pets. There are many benefits of feeding superworms to your pets and some of the primary ones are:

  • Our Superworms have a high count of fiber, calcium and fat; an ultimate trio that is not only essential for your pets’ growth but also for the strength of their immune system.
  • There is no point in feeding something to your pets that they find unpleasant while eating. This is the reason why when growing the Superworms we focus on making them plumper and juicier through different organic foods so they have both the nutrients and taste that your pets enjoy.
  • One of the problems people face when dealing with Superworms is their storage. Superworms can die if put in refrigerators which is why our Superworms are grown in natural environment so that you can store them in room temperature between 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit and keep them alive and fresh.

There are many other benefits of using our Superworms as a feed for your pets such as their hard exoskeleton that feels crunchy when your pets chew them providing a good exercise for the jaw.

Pets Love the Crispy and Juicy Live Superworms

There is a debate on whether one should feed live or dead worms to their pets and based on our years of experience, we believe live worms are more beneficial and fun for the pets. This is the reason we have live superworms for sale and we always receive great feedback from clients.

First of all, live Superworms are rich in vital nutrients because once they die, their bodies start to decompose and that means all the essential elements are eaten by bacteria. However, if the worm is alive, your pets can get all nutrients directly and in good quantity.

Also, live Superworms encourage your pets to act on their natural hunting instinct and neutralize the worms by themselves. If they are fed dead worms, their natural sense of hunting will start to go away and they will become entirely dependent on you which is unnatural and certainly not good for the pets.