Mealworms are the most important nutrition-packed food pets can have and at Sunshine State Worms, are committed to making this essential diet accessible and affordable for everyone. Being one of the front-runners for several years has allowed us to grow the most balanced worms that are vital for the healthy growth of every pet which is why our customers love us.


FARM FRESH Quality Mealworms

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1/2" Small MealwormsFrom: $8.00
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Great source of protein and fat for pet reptiles, birds and small animals.


Perfect for mature reptiles with high nutritional value in protein, & fat.


We offer dry and odorless castings for all your gardens and plant needs.

Sunshine State Worms Offers Meticulously Raised Mealworms for Sale:

Our mealworms are loved and appreciated by customers from around the globe because of the careful and natural environment they grow in. Furthermore, our customer service only makes things better for both our customers and our reputation. If you also need mealworms for your pets, here’s why you should choose us:

  • Well-Fed Worms: We only use organic food as a feed for our worms that results in healthy and nutrients rich food for your pets.
  • Excellent Support: No pet owner sits idly if their pets are hungry and we know that. That is why we try our best to provide our customers with rapid responses and timely updates on their orders.
  • Careful Handling: We would never want to deliver dead worms to our customers which is why we use special packaging that keeps the mealworms alive, healthy and fresh until they are received by our customers.

There are several reasons why we are loved by our customers ranging from fast shipping to unbeatable prices and that’s what makes us one of the pioneers in the industry. We currently have the freshest mealworms for sale that you can order and have delivered in a matter of days, just place the order and leave the rest to us.


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Sunshine State Worms online cart system allows the shipping method of all our products to be on the same day, based on first come first serve.

Product Quality

Our farm produces quality products due to the food source we select to feed our worms and insects, reflecting on their content value & size proportion.

Budget Friendly

Selected items include FREE shipping and other products will get discounted prices based on quantity and purchase order frequency.

Feeder Farm

Our facilities are designed to produce the highest quality feeder product as well as participating in the best practices to create less waste and conserve energy.

Mealworms For Sale


Organic & Nutrients-Packed Mealworms for Sale

Your pets need a balanced diet for healthy growth and mealworms are a perfect source for that. This is the reason we have the most organically and hygienically grown mealworms for sale. Have a look at a few benefits of feeding these worms to your pets:

  • Just like people, pets also require a balanced diet with the perfect combination of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids to not only survive but also thrive and we can proudly say that our worms have these vitals in rich yet balanced proportions.
  • Mealworms are perfect for pets that are in growth-phase and have not yet perfected the art of hunting. This is because they don’t have small pins on their back for stinging the predators. This allows small pets to easily hunt and neutralize them.
  • Due to the small and soft exoskeleton of mealworms, pets can easily digest them making them not only a balanced diet for their overall body but also for their stomach.

If stored in temperatures ranging from 40 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, mealworms can stay alive for months. And since we have very healthy mealworms for sale, our worms can survive for a great period allowing you to offer a fresh meal to your pets for a long time before restocking.

Fun and Healthy Experience of Eating Mealworms

We make sure that our organically bred and grown live mealworms provide your pets with a tasty and fun eating experience. Since we have the nutrient-rich mealworms for sale with a soft body and no defensive needles, your pets can enjoy hunting them while they are alive without any danger.

Furthermore, if you have birds, you can also enjoy feeding them live worms because you can watch the momma bird take worms to her babies and feed them directly. Live mealworms also help baby pets sharpen their hunting skills.

Another benefit of getting live mealworms is that no preservatives are used to keep them fresh as they are alive which means they are naturally fresh. This allows you to feed only natural food to your pets without worrying about feeding them chemicals.