Giant Mealworms For sale

Sunshine State Worms Giant Mealworms For sale

As leaders in the live insect breeding and worm production industry, Sunshine State Worms is the preferred online company to purchase quality food for your pet. From our farm in Brooksville, FL, we can ship our product to any location, and take all the measures to get live insects to buyers and in good condition. However, some insects could die during shipping, so please consider that the risk increases while in transit for interstate or rural deliveries, especially during summer months. 

About Giant Mealworms

Giant mealworms are a nutrient-rich food for pet reptiles and birds, adding variety to your animal’s diet. They are an ideal source of protein, and pets can be fed straight from the container or transfer them to a container with slippery sides to prevent their escape. Your pets will quickly learn how to sort out the bran’s mealworms after the first few times.

Giant mealworms (Zophobas morio), are more resilient and easier to maintain, plus their plump size makes them more visible and easier for reptiles and amphibians to digest. However, remember never to store giant mealworms in the fridge as they cannot tolerate such low temperatures. Giants also tend to be a little more omnivorous, which improves their nutritional value. A key to feeding any giants to your pets is with moderation and in small portions—for example, 2-3 sized mealworms per feed to prevent regurgitation from excess chitin consumption. 

How To Keep Them Alive

Keep your super worms in a mix of bran and other dry food. Your choice of dry food may depend on what nutrients you want them to increase before feeding your pet. Suitable foods include fresh fruit, vegetables, and water. The type of veggies could consist of carrot, potato, apple, and banana. Also, keep them in a mild and well-ventilated area to prevent excessive humidity.

Sunshine State Worms Giant Mealworms for Sale

Due to high demand, we are temporarily limiting low stock items to existing customers. Please, contact us via phone or email to place an order on anything that is sold at or 727-207-6753 – Sorry for any inconvenience. 

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