Difference Between Superworms and Mealworms

Superworms vs. Mealworms

Besides having the best superworms for sale, we have a guide to help you figure which worm is best for your pet. The differences between both are in terms of size, shape, nutrients, and storage. 


Superworm can be around five times larger than the mealworm if you take its length and girth into account; however, most of its size difference comes from the shell and chitin. Though this gives them lower meat quantity, they have a higher concentration of fiber, fat, and calcium. 

Facts about Superworms that make them different from Mealworms are:

  • Superworm belong to Zophobas morio species
  • The approximate length of superworms is 2.0+ inches
  • They are high in fiber, calcium, and fat but low in protein
  • Cannot be refrigerated, must be stored at room temperature and then pets can eat them for months
  • Superworms have a dark brown color body and black spots at both ends
  • They have a small pin on the backs that they use for attacking
  • The exoskeleton is a little hard

Although a mealworm would provide your pet with nearly the same nourishment as the superworm, if the reptile is a little older, feeding it superworm will offer more benefits.


Mealworms are smaller than superworms and can be stored in the refrigerator, allowing them to be edible for pets for about six to ten weeks. Furthermore, unlike the superworms, mealworms have a higher content of protein, but they are low in fiber, calcium, and fat. Some of the facts about mealworms that make them different from superworms are:

  • Mealworm belong to Tenebrio Molitor species
  • The approximate length of superworms is between 0.5 and 0.75 inches
  • They have a high protein content but are low in fiber, calcium, and fat
  • Must be stored in the refrigerator and then pets can eat them for six to ten weeks
  • Mealworms have a light brown color body
  • They cannot sting or bite
  • Exoskeleton is soft

Besides the regular mealworms, there are also giant mealworms that are treated using a hormone that delays their pupation and allows them to grow in size.

Sunshine State Worms Has the Best Superworms for Sale

There is no doubt that mealworms are a good source of protein, but all other essentials like fat, calcium, and fiber are found in superworms in rich quantities. So if you are looking for the freshest and most organically grown worms for your pets, then we have the best superworms for sale at Sunshine State Worms. All of our superworms are high in fat, calcium, and fiber that will help your pets grow faster and stronger.

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