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Live Superworms for Your Pet Chameleon

As chameleon keepers, we always look for the best foods to offer our pets. Live insects are usually the best option, as they provide essential nutrients and moisture that dry pellets simply can’t match. But with so many different types of live insects available, it can be hard to know which ones to choose.

One live insect often recommended for chameleons is the superworm. But are live superworms a good choice for your pet chameleon? Let’s find out:

Benefits of Feeding Superworms to Chameleons?

Superworms are the larvae of the darkling beetles. These beetles are found all over the world, and their larvae have been used as food for animals (including humans) for centuries.

Superworms are high in protein and fat, making them an ideal food source for growing chameleons. They are also relatively low in chitin, the hard outer shell that can cause digestive problems in some reptiles if they overeat it.

Live superworms can also be used as a treat for your chameleon. Many chameleons enjoy hunting and catching live prey, and superworms make an excellent target. You can also consult with your veterinarian before changing your chameleon’s diet.

Tips for Feeding Superworms to Chameleons

If you want to feed superworms to your chameleon, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

First, you will need to purchase live superworms. You can find these at many pet stores, as well as online. Once you have your feeder ready, you will need to keep them alive and healthy until it is time to feed them to your chameleon.

To do this, you will need a container for your worms. The container should be escape-proof, as superworms are very good at climbing. You will also need some substrate for your worms to live in. This can be anything from shredded paper to sand.

You will also need to provide your worms with food and water. A piece of carrot or other vegetables will work well for this. You can also purchase special beetle food from your local pet store.
You can mist the substrate lightly with a spray bottle or drip water into the container using a syringe to water your worms.

The Perfect Superworm Diet for Chameleons

Once your superworms are set up, you can start feeding them to your chameleon. As a general rule of thumb, you should offer 1-2 worms per week for every 10 grams of your chameleon’s body weight. For example, a 20-gram chameleon could eat 2-4 worms per week.

You can also dust the worms with a calcium supplement before offering them to your chameleon. This will help ensure that your chameleon gets the calcium it needs.

Buy Live Superworms for Your Chameleon from Sunshine State Worms

At Sunshine State Worms, we specialize in live superworms. Our worms are raised in a clean and safe environment and are fed a diet of vegetables and beetle food. Visit our website or contact us today to place your order.

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