Benefits of Feeding Mealworms to Your Pet Chameleon

Mealworms are crawling insect larvae of the mealworm beetle (the darkling beetle). They are usually purchased as a live, frozen product and come in both small and large quantities. They are typically ½ to 1 inch long.

You can use mealworms for chameleons, as they are very nutritious, providing protein that is easily digested by the reptiles’ gut. They also contain fat in their bodies, which can be helpful in cases where your chameleon is not eating enough. Here are the reasons to use them for your pet reptile’s meals:

Mealworms provide your chameleon with a form of dietary variety, which is essential in the life of a captive reptile. Many chameleons do not readily accept new foods and may need to be weaned into a different food. Mealworms are an excellent start for this process due to their low cost, long shelf life, and live form.

Insects are a Natural Food for Chameleons
Using mealworms for chameleons and other reptiles is perfectly natural and should not cause digestive issues. Insects provide the meat protein that chameleons may need, while live worms can be beneficial in weaning captive pets off of crickets and pinky mice. This makes them a great staple food item for your list of chameleon food items.

While some chameleon owners choose to avoid mealworms due to their hard exoskeleton, which may be difficult for the reptile to digest, this is unnecessary. A properly gut-loaded worm should have no problem passing through the digestive system of your pet chameleon.

Long Shelf Life
Mealworms have a long shelf life when stored properly in the freezer, so you can buy them in bulk and save on trips to the pet store. They can be kept frozen for up to a year and still be active and nutritious when thawed for mealtime.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids and Fibers
Mealworms are rich in beneficial fatty acids, including Omega 3s that can help your chameleon be healthy. They also contain fiber that promotes intestinal health. This is especially helpful when trying to wean your pet off of pinky mice, which are very high in fat content, whereas mealworms provide a leaner, healthier diet.

Healthy Source of Protein with Great Calcium to Phosphorous Ratio
Mealworms are high in calcium and low in phosphorous, providing an excellent ratio that chameleon needs to develop properly. This makes them a great staple food for growing chameleons as well as adults.

High in Iron
Mealworms are naturally high in iron, which can help them act as an excellent source of dietary iron for your chameleon. This is especially helpful for female chameleons, which require higher levels of this mineral during the breeding season.

High Moisture and Water Content
Mealworms contain a lot of moisture and water, which is excellent for chameleons in the hot and dry season. This means that mealworms should be kept moist during storage to ensure that they do not dry out and lose their nutritional content.

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