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Buy Quality Superworms For Your Pet Reptiles

Crickets, mealworms, and superworms are ideal feeders for your pet reptile, offering a balanced, nutrient-rich diet as the main source of energy. Therefore, a good online supply store of live, healthy superworms like Sunshine State Worms can keep your reptile healthy and energetic at all times.

Superworms are Safe for pet reptiles

The simple answer is yes; feeding superworms 3 to 4 times a week is considered ideal as they have high fat and hard chitin content. Pet owners can place the superworm in a bowl with or without other insects to meet the daily dietary requirements of your reptile.

The best part of feeding superworms to your pet reptiles is that they also meet the hydration requirements of your pet.

Superworms life expectancy

Superworm can stay alive and healthy for up to 52 weeks. However, experts recommend choosing the ones that are not older than 24 months. Younger worms last longer and are easier to store. Older ones stand the risk of dying or rotting sooner.

Reliable feeder suppliers typically sell worms that are not older than 12 months. Young beetles are also more nutritious than older ones. They are also less prone to infections and diseases. It’s best to buy from a reliable supplier that sells the best quality feeders for pets.

The Reputation of the Supplier

Our reviews and ratings by existing or former customers are the reason why new customers try our product and become loyal customers. We sell high-quality feeders that are good for your pet. Reptiles have very delicate digestive systems, even if they are primarily wild reptiles. Hence, it’s vital to choose good quality food.

Choose Our Nutrient Dense Superworms for Your Pet

Sunshine State Worms specializes in selling high-quality feeders for reptiles, birds, and other pets. Our high-grade, protein and fat-rich superworms are the preferred option for reptile owners and fishing enthusiasts. Pet owners may order feeder superworms through our website or by giving us a call at 727-207-6753


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