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Get More Nutrient Food For Your Pet Reptile

Like mealworms, superworms are a great food source for a variety of animals. But superworms are bigger and more-commonly used for larger reptiles such as bearded dragons. Sunshine State Worms can provide you with all the superworms you need for your pets. They can be purchased live and can stay alive for 1-2 weeks without taking in any food for themselves, making them easy to store as long as they are used within the proper time frame.


Superworms are quite a bit larger than mealworms because they have a larger shell. Their nutrients are far more concentrated than those of mealworms, making them such a beneficial treat for your pet. They can be given to reptiles, birds, and a variety of carnivorous fish. Live superworms should not be stored in the refrigerator, but as previously stated, they can be kept easily alive for 1-2 weeks.


On top of being larger and having more concentrated nutrients, they have a higher protein content. This added protein makes them quite beneficial to carnivorous as well as omnivorous critters. Larger pets such as the bearded dragon and large goldfish can easily tackle this large and healthy treat. Unlike mealworms, superworms are known to bite, so it is important to be aware of this when feeding your pet. It usually isn’t an issue for large reptiles to easily make their way to them without getting bit. And of course, that will not be an issue if using dried ones.


Dried superworms can be placed into a container packed with oatmeal or a dry cereal to absorb moisture. Make sure that the container is well-ventilated and kept in a cool dark area. Live superworms can be kept at room temperature, not in the refrigerator. When planning to keep live superworms alive past the 2-week mark, they can be fed vegetables, such as cucumbers and bell peppers. These are easy for superworms to consume and will allow you to keep them alive longer to be available for pet feeding.

Sunshine State Worms

So if you need a nutritious source of food for your reptile, bird, or fish, let Sunshine State Worms provide you with your supply of superworms. Superworms can be ordered on our website and conveniently shipped to you. We have a variety of small, medium, and large-sized superworms.

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