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What to Look For When Finding Reptile Food

Ensuring that your reptilian friend has a long and healthy life is all you want as a parent. Since reptiles can’t communicate their needs and want to you, you have to look for any symptoms or signs that something could be wrong.

Food is extremely important to reptiles, as it’s where they get their primary nutrition. If your reptile refuses to eat, it is probably because they’re not fond of the food you’re providing. Here is what you should look for when looking for good-quality reptile food:

State and Quality

Many reptiles refuse to eat food that they haven’t killed themselves or is presented to them already dead. If you’re thinking you can get away with giving them frozen dead rats, you might want to think again.

Think about investing in mealworms or something similar that can be kept alive for a long period. You can find water crystals that can add as a nutritional source for feeder insects and later on for your reptile. When the time to feed your reptile comes, simply scoop out the necessary amount. Live worms can be challenging to find, but when they’re of good quality, your reptile won’t cause much fuss when eating them.

Variety Available

When you’re planning on purchasing from a single business, you must ensure that they have an adequate variety available to fulfill your needs. Mealworms are a good source of protein and fat, whereas superworms are good for mature reptiles. They also have better protein and fat.

You might also be looking for food for feeder insects, like water crystals. If you’re buying from a reliable and trusty business that has been around for decades, you won’t have a problem finding a large variety that can cater to your needs. Since there is a national shortage of superworms, you might want to look for a business that regularly updates its inventory so you can get the best possible for your reptile.


While good-quality feed can be a bit pricey, there’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars just to feed your reptile. You can find quality food under $50 (at least for 500 or less). Depending on your requirements, you might be looking to place a bulk order for various reptiles.

You can contact the business directly when you’re looking to place a bulk order, which can help reduce prices. However, if you just have one reptile, you want to be making regular orders to preserve the freshness of the food. Ensure that you’re looking at a business that offers reasonable prices.

Shipping Information

Buying live food for your reptile can be tricky; however, there’s no reason for you to compromise. Finding the quality for the price you want locally can be difficult, and looking online can be the best alternative. You can find a reliable business that ships your live feed right to your doorstep without any problem.

A business like this will generally detail how they ship your food and any relevant storage information. You want to read through this carefully to avoid receiving dead food for your reptile.

Looking for Good-Quality Reptile Food? We Can Help

Finding good-quality food can be challenging, especially when worms are in short supply. When looking for the best, don’t hesitate to contact Sunshine State Worms. Our 20-year-old business is reliable and known as an industry leader in providing quality worms and reptile feed. Our newest addition, water crystals, can be a supplemental source of moisture for your feeder insects, including mealworms and superworms. Call us at 727-207-6753 to find out more.

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