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Mealworms Benefits For Your Pet’s Diet

Mealworms are quite beneficial to a variety of animals and even humans. Whether it is to feed your favorite wild birds or to use as fishing bait, Sunshine State Worms can provide a variety of live mealworms at an affordable price. We successfully breed our feeder worms to sanitary and nutritional standards. Also, with the convenience of shipping, our mealworms can be available anytime you need them. So, what are the benefits of mealworms, and what animals benefit from them?

Animals that Benefit from Mealworms

Wild birds such as orioles, mockingbirds, and wrens benefit from the fat and protein found in mealworms. Feeding once a day can give them added energy and nutrients, allowing them to build muscle.

Carnivorous fish such as goldfish and guppies can be offered mealworms. The protein is good for fish that can grow to be fairly large. As you can imagine, mealworms are also an excellent bait option for fishing.

Reptiles like bearded dragons, turtles, and lizards also enjoy mealworms. They can be offered as a snack ever so often. Because mealworms have a high-fat content, they should be offered sparingly, but can be kept so that they are readily available for these critters.


Because mealworms are beneficial to such a wide variety of animals, it is imperative that they are properly stored. Luckily, mealworms have a long shelf life, making it remarkably easy and convenient to keep and have them readily available. If you choose to dry your mealworms, they can be packed with oatmeal so that an abundance of moisture doesn’t set in.

We supply live mealworms, which can be stored in the refrigerator or in a cool, dry area. Obviously, live mealworms have to be consumed quicker than dried ones, as their shelf life is not as long. They can be placed on a dish and offered to birds and reptiles or put in your fish tank as a nutritious snack.

Knowing the uses for mealworms and how to store them properly will allow you to get the most benefits from them. Let Sunshine State Worms provide your supply of mealworms. Our prices and shipping make it affordable and easy to get mealworms in a timely manner. Your mealworm supply can always be met with our regular shipments, which saves you money and confirms that your shelves are stocked.
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